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Values Survey


Below are 18 values listed in alphabetical order. Your task is to arrange them in order of their importance to YOU, as guiding principles in YOUR life. Study the list carefully and pick out the one value which is the most important for you. Write a "1" next to it. Then pick out the value which is second most important for you. Write a "2" next to it. Then do the same for each of the remaining values. The value that is least important is numbered "18". Work slowly and think carefully. If you change you mind, feel free to change your answers. The end result should truly show how you really feel. Use pencil so you can change your answers easily.

- a comfortable life (a prosperous life) ( )

- an exciting life (a stimulating, active life) ( )

- a sense of accomplishment (lasting contribution) ( )

- a world at peace (free of war and conflict) ( )

- a world of beauty (beauty of nature and the arts) ( )

- equality (brotherhood equal opportunity for all) ( )

- family security (taking care of loved ones) ( )

- freedom (independence, free choice) ( )

- happiness (contentedness) ( )

- inner harmony (freedom from inner conflict) ( )

- mature love (sexual and spiritual intimacy) ( )

-national security (protection from attack) ( )

- pleasure (an enjoyable, leisurely life) ( )

- salvation (saved, eternal life) ( )

- self-respect (self-esteem) ( )

-social recognition (respect, admiration) ( )

- true friendship (close companionship) ( )

-wisdom (a mature understanding of life) ( )

Values Exercise

1. Rank order the 18 values listed on the "Value Survey"

2. What do my ranking orderings tell me about me as a person?________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are there any surprises that emerge from the ranking process?__________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How do these relate to my values for service to others?_______________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Do the rankings suggest anything I want to change in my life goals and my service goals?____________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. Based on my value rankings what are 10 major Visions I have for myself to fulfill my values?

4. What are my Current Realities? How do I now spend my time and energy? Are there gaps between my visions and my current realities?

5. What specific Future Plans can I make to close the gaps?

Visions Current Realities Future Plans