2009 Annual Report APPENDIX C

2009 Disability Services Student Survey

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Percent                                Resps                    Total     


1              What is your current academic status?                                                                                                                  84          

                                Freshman                                                                                            09.52%                  (8)                                         

                                Sophomore                                                                                        14.29%                  (12)                                       

                                Junior                                                                                                   29.76%                  (25)                                       

                                Senior                                                                                                   29.76%                  (25)                                       

                                Masters                                                                                                11.90%                  (10)                                       

                                Doctorate                                                                                            02.38%                  (2)                                         

                                Other                                                                                                    02.38%                  (2)         


2              How often do you check-in with the Office of Disability Services for services?                                  85                                                           Every Semester                                                                                                77.65%                  (66)                                       

                                Most Semesters                                                                               07.06%                  (6)                                         

                                Once a Year                                                                                        01.18%                  (1)                                         

                                Rarely                                                                                                   11.76%                  (10)                                       

                                Never                                                                                                   02.35%                  (2)         


3              During your first meeting with a DS counselor you were given a handbook describing rights and responsibilities.  Have you used this handbook for information?                                                                                                 85

                                                                                                                                Yes         62.35%                  (53)       

No          37.65%                  (32)


4              How did you learn about the UNC Charlotte Office of Disability Services?                                                            83                                                           Admission Postcard                                                                        02.41%                  (2)                                         

                                SOAR                                                                                                     14.46%                  (12)                                       

                                EXPLORE                                                                                              02.41%                  (2)                                         

                                Online/DS website                                                                         32.53%                  (27)                                       

                                High School Counselor                                                                  09.64%                  (8)                                         

                                Other                                                                                                    38.55%                  (32)                       


5              The DS newsletter  Tapestry  is available in electronic and paper format.  Have you read the DS newsletter  Tapestry?                                                                                                           

                                                                                Yes, electronic                  Yes, paper                           No

                                                18.82% (16)                         11.76% (10)                         69.41% (59)         85                          


6              What information would you like to see in Tapestry?                    (See Appendix S-A)                                                                                                                                                                                       

7              Please rate the Disability Services staff on the following:                                                                                                           

                                                                                Poor                      Fair                        Good                     Excellent            

                                Professionalism                               0.00% (0)             3.53% (3)             15.29% (13)         81.18% (69)         85

                                Helpfulness                       1.19% (1)             7.14% (6)             15.48% (13)         76.19% (64)         84

                                Disability knowledge     1.19% (1)             5.95% (5)             25.00% (21)         67.86% (57)         84






8              Please rate the UNC Charlotte faculty on their...                                                                                                             

                                                                                Poor                      Fair                        Good                     Excellent            

                    Ösensitivity towards students with disabilities.          

1.18% (1)             10.59% (9)           40.00% (34)         48.24% (41)         85

                    ...compliance providing accommodations for students with disabilities.         

3.53% (3)             9.41% (8)             42.35% (36)         44.71% (38)         85


9              How would you rate the general attitude of non-disabled students towards students with disabilities?                              

                                                                                Poor                      Fair                        Good                     Excellent

                                                2.44% (2)             23.17% (19)         59.76% (49)         14.63% (12)         82                          


10           Comments on how you would rate the general attitude of non-disabled students towards students with disabilities:  (See Appendix S-B)                                                             


11           How well have the accommodations provided by DS supported your academic goals?                                                                                                                                   Poor                      Fair                        Good                     Excellent

                                                                                2.35% (2)             7.06% (6)             43.53% (37)         47.06% (40)         85


12           Have you requested support from a DS counselor to resolve a disability-related academic problem?                    

                                                                                Yes                                         No                         

                                                                                27.06% (23)                         72.94% (62)                                                         85                          


13           If you answered yes to previous question please comment on the effectiveness of DS staff in resolving disability-related issues:  (See Appendix S-C)                                                                       


14           Rate Disability Services staff effectiveness providing...                                                                                                               

                                                                                Poor                      Fair                        Good                     Excellent             Not Applicable

                    ...Testing accommodations in DS office.          

0.00% (0)             4.71% (4)             14.12% (12)         45.88% (39)         35.29% (30)

                    ...Availability of counselors for appointments.

                                                                                2.38% (2)             3.57% (3)             26.19% (22)         52.38% (44)         15.48% (13)

                    ...Assistive technology knowledge.   

0.00% (0)             2.38% (2)             23.81% (20)         30.95% (26)         42.86% (36)


15           Based on your experience with the Office of Disability Services would you recommend that an interested student with a disability consider attending UNC Charlotte?                                                                                                      

                                                                                Yes                                         No

                                                97.62% (82)                         2.38% (2)                                                             84                          


16           When you encounter a problem on campus that is related to your disability how do you generally solve the problem? (Check all that apply.)                                                                                                                                              84

                                Not Applicable                                                                                 25.00%                  (21)                                       

                                Contact DS Office                                                                            48.81%                  (41)                                       

                                Ask another student                                                                      20.24%                  (17)                                       

                                Ask a staff or faculty member not in DS office                    19.05%                  (16)                                       

                                Find a means to solve the problem personally                  47.62%                  (40)                                       

                                Go to the person/office directly involved w/problem    34.52%                  (29)                                       

                                Other                                                                                                    04.76%                  (4)         




17           What problems do you most commonly encounter at UNC Charlotte? (Check as many as apply.)             


Knowing where to obtain a particular service                    18.18%                  (14)                                       

                                Transportation                                                                                  10.39%                  (8)                                         

                                Disability-related housing problems                                      05.19%                  (4)                                         

                                Alternatively formatted text                                                      03.90%                  (3)                                         

                                Note takers                                                                                        25.97%                  (20)                                       

                                Interpreters                                                                                       00.00%                  (0)                                         

                                Opportunity to participate in out-of-class activities        11.69%                  (9)                                         

                                Securing medical services                                                           01.30%                  (1)                                         

                                Physical barriers                                                                              14.29%                  (11)                                       

                                Attitudes of faculty                                                                        28.57%                  (22)                                       

                                Assistive technology access                                                        06.49%                  (5)                                         

                                None of the above                                                                          22.08%                  (17)                                       

                                Other                                                                                                    07.79%                  (6)         


18           Please describe in detail any of the above problems.                    (See Appendix S-D)                                                       


19           What would you like to say that we have not asked you?                             (See Appendix S-E)                                                                        


         Appendix S-A

Question 6) What information would you like to see in Tapestry?

   Changes made that affect the students registered with the office. Maybe a section on a famous disabled person each issue.

   Disclose learning issues facing students of all sizes and ranges. It would help others to realize they are not alone.

   I have never read Tapestry so I will reserve comment until I do.

   I have never received it or realized it existed.

   I was not aware of its existence

   I would like to see more opportunities and job references for students with disabilities.

   I'm not sure what should be included in Tapestry.

   laws that effect us or that we can effect   and all the fun stuff

   Maybe a spotlight on different rare illnesses and how they affect the lives of those family members of the person who has the illness.  For example:  I have CRPS in all 4 extremities and it totally affects my whole family.  My sister in law has a rare childhood disease and she's an adult.  That totally affects all of us.  Something like that would bring more awareness to the realm of the norm and let people know that there are more things out there and it's not just us but our families that are struggling with these issues.

   More about fields that welcome disabled students.  Employability of disabled students versus non-disabled persons.

   No opinion

   Other services (outside of testing) offered by office.

   Scholarship information

   Upcoming plans.

   Ways to get assistance with bills.


    Appendix S-B

Question 10) Comment on how you would rate the general attitude of non-disabled students towards students with disabilities.

   All have been quite kind to me.

   Could use improvement as at times it has been extremely negative and other times very positive.

   Definitely less social to students with disabilities.



   Good, except some parking situations.

   I am still embarrassed about my issue. So I never discuss my issues with other students. However my perception of Disabled students has always been skewed honestly. Since I am embarrassed it means I have a long way to go with my outlook on stuff.

   I have never noticed students treating me any differently because I am disabled since my disability is one that is not apparent unless someone gets to know me well.

   I have not notice any non-disabled student treating a person with a disability badly.

   I personally donít talk about mine with a lot of people that aren't faculty.

   Itís fine

   Lack of Understanding

   Most are helpful but there are a few ignorant people out there.

   Most of them are sensitive. Some don't seem to care much.

   No comment

   Non-disabled for the most part are willing to help students with disabilities.  For me my physical disability is not very visible; so non-disabled students are a bit confused as to why I am asking for help with certain things when I do so.


   None of the other students know I'm disabled - I'm in a distance learning program.

   Other students are insensitive and believe everyone should be entitled to extra test time


   Overall everyone is nice and friendly but there are still some people who are rude.

   People are different so not all know how to handle it which is normal

   Some are wonder and treat me the same as everyone else and some resent me for getting more then they. Then the rest are indifferent

   Some see it as unfair for me to have 'special treatment' but most do not care or are understanding. 

   Student without disabilities cannot imagine how it is to not be able to bend or needing help when rising from a sitting position.  They look at you as if you don't really need help

   Supporting and understanding

   The students who are not disabled generally are very supportive of their peers who do have disabilities. The students who know I have a learning disability are interested in what conditions I suffer from and reacted positively towards me utilizing the university's disability services.

   They all seemed very neutral respectable and/or professional in all aspects of their attitude and behavior.

   They don't seem to understand and it makes group work difficult.

   They just donít understand

   They're all disabled!

   Those who have more obvious disabilities are treated as though they are 'disabled' or catered to more than those whose disabilities are less obvious in a lot of cases.

   When they do not know the disabled student is treated like everyone else. When the disability is noticeable then the student is either ignored or not a part of the group.

   With a campus as diverse as ours it seems most people don't really pay attention to it. They seem to see most things as just another aspect of diversity. This is not true for all students while some are accommodating and interested some are just as cruel and hurtful.


    Appendix S-C

Question 13)  If you answered yes to previous question,  please comment on the effectiveness of DS staff in resolving disability-related issues.

   Advice on what I should do and they offered to help in any way with notes studying etc.

   All issues directed to the DS office have been effectively and satisfactorily resolved.

   At the PhD level it is hard to find resources for students to acquire support and guidance for their coursework.  Professors and other PhD students are all too busy with their own research/work to have much time to spare.

   Even though the staff was professional they were unable to meet my needs.  Since I am a distance education student there was nothing available to help me.  I had a broken arm and could not drive.  It was suggested that I use your Dragon software on campus.  That was not a solution to my problem.  As a distance education student I believe that no accommodations were available to help me with my situation.  I live nearby but what if I was a student who lived in another city and the only solution I was given was to come to the lab at UNCC to use the Dragon software?

   Extremely effective I know if I ever have any question I just need to ask them.

   I talk to the disability counselor about an issue I had with my professor and that I had resolved it by talking to him. The counselor was very supportive and listens to what I had to say.

   I was helped in getting in a class were the instructor work closer with students with my disability.

   It was not effective. I had to handle the issue on my own and without the help of the DS counselor.

   Kristin did a great job solving my problems with the class.

   My counselor was phenomenal with helping me.

   Tech help!

   Testing situation for my Physics class.  The counselor was on it.  She was courteous timely and very effective.

   The response was immediate and the action-taken was well within a respective time period.

   They are very helpful and effective with figuring out a way to solve your situation.

   They handled it really well.  I am doing much better in my classes and my grades are much higher.


   Very good.

   Very satisfied.  The counselor presented options that I would not have otherwise known were available to resolve the issue. 


   Yes     The DSO was very helpful in resolving and helping me get the help I needed.


    Appendix S-D

Question 18) Please describe in detail any of the above problems.

   I have a medical condition  that although it does not affect my ability to do or understand the work  does at times make it impossible to be in attendance in class. Although most of the faculty has not been penalizing in this regard because of the quality of my work I have had one professor this semester who has not been understanding of this fact even after I met with him to explain the situation (which was slightly uncomfortable) I am afraid of how this will impact by grade because of his strict attendance policy even though I have given him my information from the DS Office.

   Because of my disability it is really hard for me to do out of class activities such as organizations mostly because people don't understand and because of the nature of my disability. Faculty are generally helpful but since they do not fully understand most disabilities they tend to give negative attitudes.

   Disability services often help me with the Safety Ride. 

   Elaboration of #17) Professors are positive and try to be understanding but do not really understand the disability (Narcolepsy) to be accommodating once issues arrive.  Luckily I only have 1-3 problems per semester where the disability has affected class attendance but in those instances professors are not very willing to reach out to assist the student.

   Every semester I struggle with how to present my disability services letter of accommodations to my professors without feeling like I am being judged as lazy and looking for an easier ride. It can be difficult for people to understand  especially when the individual standing in front of them with a letter that says they may miss class  need extra time with homework or miss a test last minute due to health issues does not present any visible symptoms. Inevitably they all ask the same question albeit worded slightly differently ďAre you going to be able to let me know a few days in advance if you are going to miss a test?Ē NoÖIíll tryÖhow much do I now feel I need to explain ....which then makes me hope even more that I donít have to use any of the accommodations provided. Fortunately it is rare that I have to ask for preapproved exceptions. I have never encountered problems with compliance when this occurs but I do wish there wasnít such a stigma associated with the process.

   I can't cram all of that knowledge into my short term memory

   I have a nerve condition which causes me extreme pain in all four of my extremities and swelling.  So there are times when it is difficult for me to take notes in class and I spoke with a DS counselor and she got a note taker for me for my classes promptly.

   Instructors are unwilling to provide their test in formats other than multiple choice or true/false for students that do not test well on these formats.

   It is still difficult to know where to get help with a particular issue. As the departments and areas of jurisdiction or somewhat blurry at times.    In terms of housing it pretty boils down to room-mates who don't understand certain things are un-acceptable. Such as understanding that public rooms are not your trash dump. Or very not understanding of how counterproductive it is to interact in a certain way. Specifically in reference to room-mate conflicts.

   Labs have no handicap access or eye wash. No reachable air, gas, vacuum, or sinks.

   Most note takers are good but there are a few of them that do not continue to take notes after the first few weeks. And the DS office does not solve the problem quickly.

   Not much to say except that the notetakers (at least for this academic year) aren't very effective. For instance this semester I haven't received notes from either of my notetakers since the beginning of the semester. I had the same problem with one class last semester. The people at DS tried to resolve the issue but what could they do if the person refused communicate with them? They contacted the notetaker on several occasions and the person never responded.

   Some areas of the campus have to be accessed through buildings to avoid steps. Occasionally the automatic doors do not operate properly causing dependence on someone else to open it manually or risk of enduring pain in trying to open it.

   Some of the professors have a problem even if you provide them with a disability note.

   Some professors feel like they have to put you through hell to get a PhD because that is what they went through.  This is an unhealthy and damaging attitude especially for women who are a minority in programs such as IT.  Advisors and department heads should be there to support students and want them to succeed instead of expecting them to have no life-work-balance whatsoever.  Studies have been done to show a significantly higher number of PhD students suffering from depression than other populations.  When someone already has a disability susceptible toward depression it makes it almost impossible to succeed.

   sometimes my testing format outside of ds is not working  some teacher forget to give or set up the assistive technology  sometime in pass note taker did not give notes or in a time manner   but not this semester

   Some were not too helpful with lending a little more help with disabled learning students.

   Teachers just donít give a damn at this school. They are only here for their own research

   The library lacks a sufficient number of CCTVs and only select computers are not imaged for Zoomtext.

   The texts required for my class not being available in an audio format and professors being unwilling to let me use my laptop in class for fear of me not using it for school work this is typically resolved by the letter from DS.

   There are a lot of inclines at UNC Charlotte.

   There are teachers who understand and will work with you when it comes to a disability. You also have teachers who throw the disability sheet to the side and never really take my disability or the disability in to affect. I wish teachers would care or try to be more understanding when it comes to individuals with disabilities. We didn't ask to have the disability that we have and would rather not have to feel less of a person because of the disability.

   There was no opportunity for me to be able to utilize Dragon software for my distance education classes.

   They may seem to think that disable person doesn't need anything if they (faculty) can't see so they take things into their own hands.

   They never send me my notes anymore no matter how many times the office has talked to them.

   Transportation: Due to a seizure disorder I was unable to drive for an extended amount of time. County transportation was an issue; however UNCC transportation was acceptable.    Faculty: Several professors have been negative when I've discussed special accommodations.

   When I called 704-687-2200 to setup Saferide  I was transferred to Parking Services. Parking Services transfered me back to Saferide. Neither knew what to do.


    Appendix S-E

Question 19) What would you like to say that we have not asked you?

   I feel unfortunately that there is some kind of stigma with being involved with the disability office among the faculty that I was not aware of prior to bringing my issue to light. My one professor even told me that when a student brings their association with the office to light early on especially when it is something that affects attendance it gives a negative impression. This was upsetting to me because I have worked very hard to get where I am and to maintain good grades in spite of my illness and cannot help the issues that arise as a result of it.

   Broaden your mind to health issues

   Disability Services is an excellent office for students with disabilities. They have been helpful to me in every capacity for the past two years.

   I am very pleased with the DSS services that UNCC provide to its motivated students.  I do feel that as with many things in life those who are persistent in their pursuit of their goals will find a way to achieve them.  Congruent with that philosophy is the attitude that the DSS counselors all portray.    

   I feel that I have been helped much more than I have expected than I ever could have been.  Having a disability sometimes leaves you feeling like you are on your own in a lot of the things that you try to accomplish.  I'm very thankful that attending UNCC is not one of them for me.

   I have been very much irritated by the change in the housing this year. As a disability-student as well as one who lives 2 hours away: the system of assigning housing is needless to say wrong. When giving freshman priority of the best located housing (apartments). Especially as that is most wanted by the upperclassmen as well as those with disabilities. So I really think that needs to be addressed.    I am a rising senior by credit as well as a student with a disability. It is my biggest concern that after the 2009-2010 year that I will be kicked out of my 'ideal' location.    Just thought that it would be good to make sure that the DSO is aware of how the housing situation is and heading towards.

   I have found the staff to be very helpful and courteous and so far I have not had any problems with the faculty.

   I never would have thought that someday I would need to request accommodations from disability services. I am thankful that the office exists and I have always encountered great services from the entire staff.

   I think that distance education has great possibilities for students with a variety of physical emotional and cognitive disabilities.  I think this is an area that should be explored.

   I've found the disability services to be very helpful and the accommodations I am receiving have had a positive impact on my success. I am glad UNCC offers this to students who struggle because of learning disabilities.

   Kristin deserves a raise!

   My alternative testing experience was less than helpful. I got negative attitudes from faculty members on at least 3 occasions. During final testing  the rooms were kept cold  and while other students were able to keep their hoodies  coats  and jackets  I was told I could not have my hoodie; my average body temperature is 94.3 due to low blood pressure because of medications  making it difficult to work like that.     I am not a confrontational person I just no longer use their services but hope only that other students with disabilities are treated with more respect and care.

   Nothing...just wanted to advise about the notetakers.

   Success at UNCC would be unimaginable without the help of the Office of Disability Services.

   thank you

   Thanks for all your help for the last 3 years!

   thanks for all your help helping me achieve my goals

   Thanks for your concern!

   The disability service has been excellent in providing the assistance I needed to achieve my educational goals. I do feel that because my disability was mental illness it is not visible so because it is not a visible disability I felt that professor's needed knowledge about what my disability was. Secondly, in my department of Africana Studies I felt that the professors need more knowledge about limitations that a student has as far as disabilities and how they can provide more support. I felt that the knowledge was not there because of the lack of students who have a disability may not be majoring in Africana Studies so the department is not use to having a student in that department that does. This may not be the case but this is how I felt. I would suggest having a workshop explaining the needs that a student with mental illness may have and just making the faculty in that department know that a student may need additional guidance that other students may not need. I did find that a couple of my professors were very supportive so I am not speaking for the entire faculty in the Africana Studies Department. I am proud to be a student in that department and I have gotten lots of support from my advisor in that department and also a couple of professors as well. I just think a workshop on mental illness disability could be useful for the faculty.

   The Kurzweil Software on the Computer in the Library is not setup properly. The icons required to use Kurzweil 3000(Icons: Kurzweil 3000  Kesi Output  Kesi Pending) are not on the desktop.     Although paperwork for my reading problem has not been submitted to your office I use the Kurzweil Software because it helps me understand what I read.     If others use the software they would appreciate being able to access and operate the software properly.    Everything else it very nice.

   The only problem I have with UNC Charlotte dealing with disability issues is when I was unable to walk and trying to get around campus there were not enough resources to help me. I had to be in a wheel chair for a few weeks then on crutches and it was very difficult to get from class to class. If there could be something to help people do that it would make it less stressful for people.

   This is the most helpful office on campus.

   You office should explore more options for graduate students.  For instance PhD programs are limited by number of years for when you have to take qualifying exams complete your dissertation etc.  For individuals who also have to work, teach, and cope with a disability there should be reasonable exceptions.  These alternate guidelines need to be available to a student when they walk into DS.  Right now your office is not very familiar what can and cannot be done to help graduate students as you are more geared toward undergrads.