Examples of topics of student papers using NHIS (1/07)


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Social functioning of children with autism


Birth weight and social competence in ADHD


Social Development in Down Syndrome


Behavior problems in children with cerebral palsy vs. asthma


Relationship between parental characteristics and child health care


Sex differences in behavior of ADHD children


Relationship of obesity and depression


Ethnic differences in depression


Comparison of personal adjustment of autistic and Down syndrome children


Relationship of life style characteristics to diabetes and hypertension


Ethnicity and depression in breast cancer


Personality disorders as a function of marital status, education, and career


Hearing Impairments and Depression


Menstrual Disorders and Depression


Epilepsy and Depression


Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Anxiety


ADHD and Food Allergies


Relationship among Poverty, Race, and Depression


Social Functioning in Children with Learning Disabilities


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