Work Sheet for Library Research in Psychology (Fernald 2/09)

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Your name__________________________ Date ________Paper Topic________________________________


1.   Find at least 2 subject (not key words) search terms on your topic for locating UNCC books.




2.   Find 1 book. Give call no., author, title, etc, (APA format) plus other subject terms.




3.   Find at least 2 search terms for your topic from the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.





4.   Specify the basic LOGIC of a search STRATEGY  for  PsycINFO  for your topic using Thesaurus subject search terms. Show AND/OR search terms, listing several similar “OR” terms for each “AND” statement.







5.   Find one article on your topic using PsycINFO.   List full citation in APA format (authors, year, article title, journal, volume, pages) and UNCC call number or the WWW source.






6.  Find another article using another data base besides PsycINFO.  List the full APA style citation. Describe the data base and your search strategy.