Getting Started with NHIS ‘02—(09/08)

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Some NHIS Terminology and Resources (NHIS web—2002 NHIS)


Srvydesc--Survey Description Document –Describes details of how the survey was conducted and how the data is organized. (OK at home)


DATA sets-a numerical listing of the responses of people in the survey. To use these easily, with labels identifying variable names and values, the data needs to be imported into SPSS.(Not for home-needs SPSS)


FILEDOC--Data Set documentation—variables names (questions), value labels (answers) and the frequencies which everyone who was asked the items answered each of the alternative answers. A good resource for seeing how many people have a particular diagnosis. (OK at home). SEARCH PAPER TOPICS with Edit—Search.


QUESTION--Survey Questions, Flash cards, field representative’s manual, survey flow chart. The actual question manual used by interviewers. (OK for home)


Files in NHIS 02

HOUSEHLD--Household file–basic info on everyone in the household (N=36,161)

FAMILY--Family file-basic info on the family in general (N=36,831)

PERSONSX--Person file—everyone who was in the survey has a line (N=93, 386) with all their answers to the questions

SAMCHILD-a knowledgeable adult answered questions about one child (<18 years) randomly selected in family (N=12,524)

SAMADULT-additonal questions asked on one adult (18yrs or older) randomly selected in the family (N=31,044)

FERNALD SAMCHILD SPSS DATA FILE-Ready-to-use data set on sample children

SAMADULT FERNALD SPSS DATA FILE Ready-to-use data set of sample adults


Starting with NHIS 02 and SPSS

Go to My Computer--Dvol1 on ‘Dataserv1’ (S)


Then select one of the files listed above to begin work.


Save important work on your H Drive (your UNCC student account). Create a folder, e.g., “Seminar Data.” Identify exact contents and date in your file name to help finding the file later.


“FAVORITES”option A  Highlight and drag  important variable to the top of the variable set list.


“FAVORITES” option B--How to create a variable set: (To shorten the list of variables to those of  interest)

“FAVORITES”Option B continued--To use the variable set that you have created:


Steps for Downloading NHIS Files from Web Site

Create a new folder on your desktop e.g., “NHIS Download”

Open NHIS web—2002 NHIS

Select a file of interest and highlight the file

Drag and drop the file into your NHIS down


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