Questionnaire on Attitudes Toward Examination



This questionnaire deals with your personal feelings, attitudes, and experiences about course examination. Some of the questions refer to your past experiences with examination; when you answer these, think back to your school examinations of the last couple of years. Obviously there are no -right- or -wrong- answers to any of these kinds of questions. They merely offer an opportunity to express feelings and attitudes with regard to a large range of situations. The value of the results of this questionnaire will depend on how frank you are in stating your feelings and attitudes. Read each statement and set of alternatives carefully. For each of the 19 questions below, answer by clicking on the most appropriate statement.  You can always go back to a question and change your response.

1. Nervousness while taking an exam or test hinders me from doing well.

2.  I work most effectively under pressure, as when the task is very important.
Hardly ever

3. In a course where I have been doing poorly, my fear of a bad grade cuts down my efficiency.

4. When I am poorly prepared for an exam or test, I get upset, and do less well than even my
    restricted knowledge should allow.
This never happens to me

5. The more important the examination, the less well I seem to do.

6. While I may (or may not) be nervous before taking an exam, once I start, I seem to forget to
    be nervous.
I always forget.

7. During exams or tests, I block on questions to which I know the answers, even though I might
    remember them  as soon as the exam is over.
This always happens to me.

8. Nervousness while taking a test helps me do better.
It never helps.

9. When I start a test, nothing is able to distract me.
This is always true of me.

10. In courses in which the total grade is based mainly on "one" exam, I seem to do better than
      other people.

11. I find that my mind goes blank at the beginning of an exam, and it takes me a few minutes
       before I can function.
I almost always blank out at first.

12. I look forward to exams.

13. I am so tired from worrying about an exam, that I find I almost don't care how well I do by the
       time I start the test.
I never feel this way.

14. Time pressure on an exam causes me to do worse than the rest of the group under similar
Time pressure always seems to make me do worse on an exam than others

15. Although "cramming" under pre examination tension is not effective for most people, I find that if the need arises,
       I can learn material immediately before an exam, even under considerable pressure, and successfully retain it to use on the exam.
I am always able to use the "crammed" material successfully.

16. I enjoy taking a difficult exam more than an easy one.

17. I find myself reading exam questions without understanding them, and I must go back over them
      so that they will make sense.

18. The more important the exam or test, the better I seem to do.
This is true of me.

19. When I don't do well on difficult items at the beginning of an exam, it tends to upset me
       so that I block on even easy questions later on.
This never happens to me

Range of scores 9-45                                Range of scores 10-50