Personality Type A/B


The Personality Type A/B questionnaire is a modified version of the Jenkins Activity Survey (Jenkins, Zyzanski, & Rosenman, 1971).  It has been adapted for use with college students.   For each of the 20 questions below,  answer by clicking on the most appropriate statement.  You can always go back to a question and change your response.

1. When you are faced with an unfamiliar problem, what do you usually do?

2.  Compared with other students, how quickly do you usually complete your class assignments?

I am usually finished before everyone else

I finish faster than most of my classmates

I finish right on time

I frequently turn in assignments late

3. Has anyone ever told you that you talk too much

Yes, often

4. During normal conversation, how quickly do you speak?

Faster than most people

5. How often do you finish other people's sentences because they speak too slowly?


6. Have you ever been waiting at the doctor's office 30 minutes past your appointment time, and have several chores to do when you get home.  What do you do?

Read a magazine

7. How often are you late for appointments?

Most of the time

8. When you are playing a game, how important is it for you to win?

Very important

9. How would your classmates and friends rate you?

Always hardworking and serious

10. How would your parents (or previous guardians) rate you?

Always helpful

11. How would your closest friends rate your general activity level?

Too slow - never gets anything done

12. How often do you worry about future events?


13. When you have free time, what would you prefer to do?


14. Looking back now, how would you rate your behavior as a child?

I was a problem child

15. You have a large amount of homework to do, but your closest friends are having a party.  What do you do?

Join the party

16. Do you keep a daily schedule or calendar of your plans?

No, never

17. When you are in a group situation (like completing a group project), how do you usually act?

I rarely participate

18. How far in advance would you study for a major test?

Two weeks ahead or more

19. What is an ordinary day in your life like?

Full of problems

20. How many days per week do you engage in physical exercise?

Four or more


Range of scores 35 - 380
Low Scores are Type B
High Scores are Type A